Factors That Determines The Efficiency Of Your Solar Panels

When you invest your money buying a solar panel, you desire that the panel will serve you for a long time. The efficiency of your solar panels is determined by a lot of factors you need to know. It is good to understand you have a duty to ensure that your solar panels are in the right condition at all times. The following are some of the significant factors that determine the efficiency of Beyond Solar Panels Sydney.


This is one of the factors that highly determine the level of efficiency of your solar panels. If your roof is in a place where there is shade, you can be sure that the solar panel will not get direct sunlight, which goes a long way in affecting their performance. To enhance the efficiency of your panels, it is necessary to ensure that your roof you install the panels is free of any shade.

Solar panel materials

The material used in manufacturing can also affect the efficiency of your solar panels. Some materials make the panels more efficient while others make the panels less effective. Those solar manufactured using monocrystalline materials have silicon in its pure form. This makes these panels the most efficient for you to buy. They can convert 25 per cent of the sunlight into power you can use in your home. The other great thing is that they are more space efficient. They require less space compared to many different options you find in the market.

Polycrystalline panels

Despite that they are less effective compared to the monocrystalline options; they can achieve 20 per cent efficiency. They are less affordable, so if you are working on a limited budget, they are a good option for you.

Thin film panels

The thin film solar panels are not so efficient. It is estimated that they convert around 11 per cent of solar energy. So, it means to get the amount of energy you require; you need many panels to satisfy your energy needs. However, they are the less costly options you will find in the market.

The lifespan of the panels

Another critical factor in determining the efficiency of your solar panels is their lifespan. In most cases, the panels have a lifespan going for more than twenty years. However, you also need to know that the efficiency of the solar panels tends to decrease with time. This means you should not expect your panels to work efficiently as they used to when you installed them. It is estimated that the panels efficiency decrease by 0.5 per cent each year.

The angle of your roof

The tilt or pitch of your roof will also determine how efficient they are. The way that your roof is tilted will highly determine the amount of sunlight that reaches the panels. In case the pitch of your roof is not right, you can use racks to enhance the overall efficiency of your entire solar system. You can also decide to change the angle of your house roof.